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Dyno Testing


Dynes Motorcycles are an approved Dynojet Power Commander Tuning Centre and have our own Dynojet Dyno in our state of the art, purpose built workshop.


Whether you have a 70s classic or a modern superbike, dyno tuning is the best and safest way to get your bike running the way it should.

Dynes Dyno Tuning Centre caters for road, track day riders and race competitors alike, from a simple power check to race bike set up. 

If your motorcycles exhaust or intake system has been modified it may benefit from having the fuelling re-set or adjusted to suit the engines new demands.


A dyno can also be used as a diagnostic tool for fault finding. Many 70s 80s and 90s classics, due to age and mileage, carburetors can be badly out of tune, a simple dyno test can pinpoint any areas that need attention or adjusting. 

Now offering ECU flashing from Woolich Racing.

Woolich Racing Tuned software allows us to make changes to the Fuel Maps, Ignition Maps, RPM Limiters, Secondary Throttle Plate Maps as well as many other maps and settings in your Suzuki, Kawasaki, Honda, Ducati and Yamaha motorcycle and allows changes to be flashed to the ECU of your motorcycle.

Some features of the software include:

  • Fuel Map Editing

  • Removal of restrictions

  • Ignition Map Editing

  • Modify RPM Limiters

  • Secondary Throttle Plate (STP) Map Editing

  • RAM Air Compensation Map Editing

  • Woolich Racing AutoTune

  • Realtime Engine Data

  • Various other features depending on bike model.

Note: Features available varies by model. 





Example: Royal Enfield GT having a performance exhaust, K&N air filter and power commander 5 fitted.


After some careful time setting up and mapping on our dyno some great improvements made.

As the graph shows, this bike was running practically off scale lean to meet emissions requirements. Looking good now though and even managed 30% increase in bhp.

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